Our Culture

Our diverse, talented and passionate staff have shaped the culture of Kem Krest.  If you have experienced Kem Krest first hand, you know that the magic of organization is our people.  It is our goal to leave a positive, lasting impact on those that we come in contact with.

To preserve our culture, we have distilled the key principles through our Mission Statement, Core Values and Focused Priorities.  We use these to help guide our actions, decisions and our recruiting efforts.

Mission Statement

To be a respected leader of innovative solutions in all we do.  To foster our entrepreneurial spirit and remain stewards to our customers, co-workers and community.

Core Values

Commitment  Respect  Integrity  Passion  Transparency  Financial Prudence  Impact

Focused Priorities

employeeEmployee 1st

Our employees are the most important asset to our company.  We continue to put our employees’ best interests above everything else and work towards an environment that is enriching, exciting, rewarding and fun.


customerCustomer 1st

We love our customers and that is why we are here.  Embedded in all that we do is the desire to provide our customers with world-class service, open lines of communication and continuous improvement.

supplierSupplier 1st

Our supply base is part of our extended family and are partners-in-success.  We value our current supplier relationships and continuously look for new suppliers that provide new parts, technologies or solutions that better our business and our customers’ programs.