Artificial intelligence (AI) holds the power to transform the way we live and work. This is especially true in the supply chain where an entire ecosystem of suppliers depends upon seamless, quality-driven processes to deliver critical goods and services around the globe. When working in conjunction with skilled employees, companies can leverage AI’s impressive optimization tools to simplify processes, reduce redundancies, and boost productivity. In this blog, we will examine how mindful execution of AI technology can strengthen the supply chain and help (not hinder), human capital to perform at the highest levels.

Here are six benefits of how AI and teams can work together to strengthen the supply chain and enhance outcomes:

  1. Improves overall quality – Setting and maintaining the highest level of quality standards helps organizations mitigate risks that could be damaging to a company’s reputation, stakeholders, and customers. In combination with regulatory compliance and quality teams, AI tools can closely monitor product quality during the manufacturing process and detect any quality issues or defects. 
  1. Provides real-time insights – AI algorithms allow organizations to instantaneously process vast amounts of real-time data and optimize decision-making. This gives teams the opportunity to make data-driven decisions based on up-to-the-minute information available. These insights are extremely useful to quickly recognize patterns and mitigate concerns before they escalate and potentially cause subsequent delays.

3. Boosts supply chain visibility – End-to-end visibility is paramount to running a successful supply chain. From inventory tracking, predictive analysis, to managing warehouse operations, AI-powered tools are collecting an impressive array of data across the entire supply chain. The technology gives teams a bird’s eye view to pinpoint areas that work efficiently compared to others that might need additional labor or further evaluation.

4. Promotes accurate demand forecasting – With unprecedented speed and accuracy, AI algorithms can measure current market trends, impending risks (both natural and manmade), empirical data, and other key factors that could impact demand. AI’s autonomous decision-making, combined with the expertise of human capital, can provide desirable outcomes throughout the supply chain, including inventory forecasting, warehouse management, purchasing, and more.

5. Automates mundane tasks – Employees are an organization’s greatest asset. AI can manage many of the mundane, routine tasks and processes so teams can devote their time and energy to human-specific roles—ones that involve strategic decision-making, creativity, and require a range of human emotions such as empathy and concern. By freeing up valuable time, organizations can see increases in employee productivity and morale, and a better return on investment (ROI).

  1. Helps elevate customer satisfaction – With constructive collaboration, AI allows staff to perform with the utmost productivity and efficiency so they can focus on their customers (instead of repetitive tasks). It supports their ability to make sound decisions based on real data about everything from available warehouse space, timely delivery of products, and the reduction of delivery times. What does this all mean for the customers? On every level, AI is a win-win for the customer experience!

Look to the Future

The ongoing advancements in AI technology continue to reshape the modern workplace and enhance the quality and efficiency of the global supply chain. While there are still many unanswered questions about the future of AI technology, one premise remains certain—when organizations welcome AI and utilize its capabilities to the fullest, operations at every level are positively impacted.

About Kem Krest

Kem Krest, a certified minority business enterprise (MBE), is the nation’s leading provider of supply chain optimization solutions to automotive, powersports, and heavy-duty OEMs. Through our dedicated team members, lean operating system, and streamlined technology, Kem Krest ensures a resilient and uninterrupted supply chain for the programs we manage. Through customized end to end solutions that address every facet of the supply chain—from inventory management, fulfillment, warehousing, kitting, packaging, logistics, and transportation management, Kem Krest enables companies to increase operational efficiency, deliver superior customer and employee experiences, focus on growth initiatives, and achieve cost savings. Kem Krest partners with companies to virtualize their supply chains through a growing network of 12 facilities in the US and Canada, featuring 1.75M sq. ft. of warehouse space and 600+ full-time team members. For more information, please visit Kem Krest’s website at