At Kem Krest, we employ people who live by our values – both professionally and personally. Our people are committed to excellence in everything they do. They are inspiring, innovative and integral to the operation of our company.

Best Place for the Best People

With more than 500 amazing people, our staff is made up of the best and brightest in our industry.

We are a privately-owned company with family values and are all bound by a shared passion for problem solving, innovation and a drive to have significant impact in the areas we serve.

Kem Krest is proud to award our top performers with annual service awards that are voted on by peers as showcased below.

The Ryzzles Award: Igniting Enthusiasm, Creativity and Passion

You ignite Kem Krest with your enthusiasm, creativity, and passion. Your commitment to our customers, employees and business gives us the spark that keeps us ahead of the pack.

Ryzzles Award Recipients

  • 2011: Leslie Ryalls aka “Ryzzles”
  • 2011: Karen McAtee
  • 2012: Chris Grabowski / Steve Diehl
  • 2013: Meggan Fink
  • 2014: Cheri Johnson
  • 2015: Rhonda Tavernier and Yolanda Williams
  • 2016: Sue Perry and Peter Armstrong
  • 2017: Suzette Erhardt
  • 2018: Lisa Holloman
  • 2019: Michelle Pfeil
  • 2020: Kate Telesca Banks
The Andrews Award: Setting the Bar for Excellence

For Exemplary Leadership & Selfless acts of time and dedication, your attention to detail and outstanding work ethic have driven this organization to a level that has prospered.

Andrews Award Recipients

2009: Gary Andrews
2010: Chris Castell / Ben Decker
2011: Tammy Harty
2012: Brett Brumbaugh
2013: Darrin Zuroff
2014: Randy Bivens and Phil Clanton
2015: Andrew Hauser and Mark Treacher
2016: Jeff Gouker
2017: Jon Paige and Brian Oakes
2018: Elizabeth Fisher
2019: Lynn Waters
2020: Madison Willett

The Westie Award: Best-In-Class Operations

Ron West has spent his career focusing on building best-in-class Operations with the goal of error-free and on-time shipping while putting the customers’ needs first. This award is given to an Operations employee that demonstrates a strong work ethic, reliable and consistent quality and the courage to do what is right.

Westie Award Recipients

2016: Kevin Wieczorek
2017: Juan Ramirez-Salgado and Ryan Haines
2018: Tyler Ewing
2019: Jerrid Moore
2020: Shelli Overholt & Robert Thayer

Kem Krest Executive Team

Amish Shah - CEO/ President
Brian McMahon - Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Dave Gurizzian - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Greg Gillen - Controller
Brent Kuhn - Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
Bob Arndt - LEAN, Supply Chain & Operations
Brian Carter - VP of Sales
William Crosby - Director of Customer Success
Neil Chilberg - Director of Sales
Lori Stanger - Chief Human Resources Officer
Terry Kuczeruk - General Manager - Warehouse Operations - Indiana
Brad Beltz - General Manager - Pleasant Prairie
Andy DesJardin - General Manger - Brighton
Ben Decker - Director of Operations, Kem-Shield Division
Alysa Arndt - Director of Strategy Deployment, Supply Chain & Logistics
Chris Haas - Director of I.T.
Mark Fijolek - Director of Quality & Continuous Improvement
Patrick Donohue - Director of Strategic Sales Growth
Rudy Yakym III - Director of Sales, Kem-Shield Division


Kem Krest Board of Directors
The Board of Directors provides key guidance and support of Kem Krest’s Mission and Vision goals. The knowledge and relationships shared by our board members contributes to the development of an enduring and positive impact on the companies and individual professionals that leverage the resources of Kem Krest.
Ron West – Former GM Executive, focus on Operations efficiencies and Lean.
Gary Andrews – Former Director of Supply Chain for Bosch, focus on Supply Chain.
Bob Arndt – Former GM Executive and Lean Supply Chain expert.
Jeff Rivera  – COO of Lineage Logistics and 20-year veteran of Manufacturing, Logistics, and Supply Chain transformations using Lean principles.