Why You Need it Now … and for the Future

Sustainability initiatives should not be reduced to a random talking point or a commonly used “buzzword.” They are designed to reduce environmental harm and should be a critical component of your corporate strategy.

When an organization makes a concerted effort to be environmentally and humanely responsible through the extraordinarily complex supply chain, the results can be transformative. Sustainability efforts have repeatedly been shown to be a win-win for everyone—benefitting your employees, customers, your organization, stakeholders, suppliers, your local community, and beyond.

Sustainability efforts are vital to:

  • Increasing overall efficiency and minimizing unnecessary waste
  • Protecting critical resources (both natural and human)
  • Significantly reducing overall carbon footprint
  • Fostering transparency throughout the entire supply chain
  • Building positive brand awareness for your business
  • Improving long-term profitability
  • Helping protect the planet for future generations

The digital age has raised the volume and heightened awareness of the supply’s chain’s local and global impact. How can your organization create an atmosphere where sustainability is always top of mind? Strive to make the following actionable items/priorities:

  • Lower carbon emissions/pollution
  • Utilize environmentally friendly packaging
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Rally for positive labor conditions
  • Focus on renewable energy solutions
  • Expand recycling programs
  • Look for “greener” alternatives each season

Be sure to use all the tools in your toolbox to effectively determine the effectiveness of sustainability efforts at every step of the supply chain. Digital tools to analyze and efficiently measure sustainability are an excellent resource now and in the future.

Take the First Step…

If you’re interested in taking a major step to improve sustainability, here’s one way to do so. It’s called EcoVadis. It’s a sustainability rating tool/platform that effectively gathers and assesses an organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) levels. The EcoVadis rating specifically measures a wide array of factors such as environmental, sustainable procurement impacts, ethics, labor, and human rights. You can evaluate your own sustainability practices or those of a supplier. Currently, there are more than 65,000 rated companies across the globe.

Here’s a brief overview:

  • Suppliers receive a helpful “scorecard” of their rating/performance (which can easily be shared with clients)
  • Via the EcoVadis platform, businesses can conveniently access another supplier’s sustainability rating/environmental accomplishments
  • Companies can also request that their suppliers/partners be rated—and can receive updates about their performance

Generate and cultivate a culture of sustainable improvement. Encourage your suppliers/partners to follow your lead (if they haven’t already). Not only will you be taking a big leap forward for your business, but for humankind as well.

Join Kem Krest’s First Sustainability Council

Kem Krest is excited to launch our first sustainability council. This council is designed to create valuable industry partnerships in the sustainability space, offer open collaboration, and share helpful benchmarking initiatives. Whether you are a supplier, OEM, or industry partner, Kem Krest will strive to make a robust council full of enriching experiences. Want to learn more? Contact Kem Krest today!

Kem Krest

Kem Krest, a certified minority business enterprise (MBE), is the nation’s leading provider of supply chain optimization solutions to automotive, powersports, and heavy-duty OEMs. Through our dedicated team members, lean operating system, and streamlined technology, Kem Krest ensures a resilient and uninterrupted supply chain for the programs we manage. Through customized end to end solutions that address every facet of the supply chain—from inventory management, fulfillment, warehousing, kitting, packaging, logistics, and transportation management, Kem Krest enables companies to increase operational efficiency, deliver superior customer and employee experiences, focus on growth initiatives, and achieve cost savings. Kem Krest partners with companies to virtualize their supply chains through a growing network of 12 facilities in the US and Canada, featuring 1.75M sq. ft. of warehouse space and 600+ full-time team members. For more information, please visit Kem Krest’s website at KemKrest.com.