Chemical Packaging

Turnkey Product Packaging.  Kem Krest provides expertise in chemical product packaging services from start to finish including fluid blending and filling, packaging engineering, graphic design services, compliance, and global sourcing from both domestic and international supply partners.


Formulation, R&D

Whether it is a Kem Krest stock formula, or a formula provided to us by our customer; the same quality, performance and accuracy are repeated in every batch. Our on-site testing lab is staffed and equipped to ensure our blending group produces consistent products all day, every day. The diversity of our blending capability and capacity provides our customers one-stop shopping for most of their needs.

Fluid Blending

Our fluid blending capabilities incorporate the immense flexibility needed to meet the demands of our customers. Batches can be blended in sizes ranging from small pilot runs, to batches in excess of several thousand gallons. Fuel additives, solvents, emulsions, highly viscous polishes & waxes, lotions, water-based cleaners, and oil based products are examples of the types of products we blend on a daily basis.

Filling & Packaging

We specialize in filling liquid products in various run sizes with quick changeovers. Flexibility is the cornerstone of our business, and it is paramount to meet the changing needs of our customers and shifting markets. We fill a variety of bottle designs, in various quantities and sizes to ensure we meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Each packaging configuration can vary in shape, color, closure type, decoration and carton depending upon the product application or packaging attributes desired.

Compliance & Quality

We are committed to meeting the requirements of our ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certifications, along with continual improvement of our quality management system and the products and services we provide. We strive to exceed customer expectations by dedicating our resources to continual improvement of customer service, on-time, error-free shipments, and fiscal responsibility.


Our supplier network is critical to our success. We have developed integrated relationships with raw material, packaging, bottle, and label suppliers.

Additional Capabilities

The Aftersales department was designed to better serve customers, offering a combination of sales, product expertise, customer care and marketing support. Our team establishes value-focused communication by building lasting relationships with your customers. Through our consistent contact and marketing support, we can maximize sales, ensure customer satisfaction, and build brand loyalty.


Learn how Kem Krest used ingenuity and its network of dealer relationships to resolve a vehicle down issue.

THE CHALLENGE: Finding backordered fluid to satisfy an urgent request.
OUR APPROACH: Quick thinking and coordination between dealers.
THE RESULT: Dealership trust and customer delight.

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Case Study


Learn how Kem Krest developed a specialized solution to help a global fashion house improve consumer satisfaction and reduce waste.

THE CHALLENGE: Upholding a promise to its customers.
OUR APPROACH: Listening to the needs of the customer during research and development.
THE RESULT: Stronger brand loyalty and longer life for millions of handbags.

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Case Study

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